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About Me

Not having had the opportunity to ride as a child I started riding as a teenager and was instantly hooked. Employed as a chef and only able to dream about working with horses as a full time occupation, at the age of 24 I managed to buy my first, own, horse. After calling out a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship to help me with a farrier phobic problem with my second horse, I was inspired to attend training courses with Kelly Marks of Intelligent Horsemanship studying Horse psychology and behavioural training.

Leaving my job as a chef I started to work in a private yard looking after and exercising clients horses while continuing my study in horsemanship and working alongside a Recommended Associate whenever possible to gain experience and expertise. I now hold the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship and am a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship, at last I am living the dream.

I am based at Castle Barn Farm, Near Cheltenham in the beautiful Cotswold hills.


Horse Help

I can help with many different behaviour problems that you may come across with your horse.

Problems include;




Lack of Confidence

Over sensitivity



Spooky - nervous



Sheila Jones

a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship. Sheila is also the holder of the Monty Roberts preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship.

Tel.07780 668136

[email protected]

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